DP to DP Cable Displayrt to Displayrt Cable Gold Plated Male to Male DP1.4 4K Resolution Suprt Laptop All-in-one PC Projector (16Ft/5m)

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VENTION, is one of the China well-known brands in the area of electronic digital accessories and communications cable, it has a wide range of goods and always maintained sufficient supply of thousands of products; It has built the logistics center in Four coastal port city, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Tianjin, Dongguan, to guarantee the distribution efficiency. Perfect product patent certificate and safety and quality certificate that comply with Europe and the United States international certification.

DP to DP Cable, Veniton DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable Gold Plated Male to Male DP1.4 4K Resolution Support Laptop All-in-one PC Projector.

Name: DP Male to Male Cable
Model: HAC
Appearance Color: Black
Interface Type: DP male
Interface Version: DP1.4
Interface Process: Gold Plated
Conductor Material: Tinned Copper
Resoulution: 4K@60Hz
Shell Material: ABS
Cable Sheilding: Aluminum Foil + Metal Braided
AWG: 30AWG (1-3M) / 28AWG (5M)
Jacket Material: PVC
Cable OD: 7.0mm
Cable Length: 1m-5m
Product Warranty: One Year
Package: Color Box